Thursday, February 5, 2009

World Nutella Day

Who would have thought that World War II would bring about the circumstances for the creation of one of the world’s most celebrated spreads? Because of rationing, cocoa was in short supply so chocolate production was limited. Pietro Ferrero, a pastry maker in Italy, began using hazelnuts to stretch his chocolate supply. And there you have it, a brilliant product was formulated.
Nutella is a creamy, sweet spread comprised mainly of sugar, vegetable oils, hazelnut, cocoa and skim milk. It is a modified recipe of gianduja, a chocolate consisting of almond and hazelnut paste. Nutella has been enjoyed by people all around the globe for decades. In the U.S. we were a little late in the game, being introduced to this sumptuous cream in 1983. It was gobbled up in the Northeast first then trickled out to all other parts of the country only gaining in popularity. Up until this century, Nutella was only available as an exclusive import at specialty markets but now you can find this velvety delight in every grocery store.
Nutella has been an ingredient in many delicious recipes for decadent pastries and desserts. It has graced the top of crepes and waffles and is the rich filling for Ferrero’s scrumptious Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates. In honor of this splendid day, let’s celebrate by enjoying some Nutella. Whether you spread it on some toast, dip a cookie in it or lick it off a spoon, do your part and have some Nutella! Personally, I like to spread this yummy between a warm croissant and enjoy it with a hot cup of tea. How do you like to eat your Nutella? I will be doing my part and posting some of the tastiest recipes that I have come across that incorporate this fabulous spread.

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