Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Heart Healthy Breakfast: Waffles♥

Hey, folks! February is the official American Heart Month. So what would be better than starting your day off with a heart healthy breakfast? I bet you didn't think waffles could be healthy for your heart but they can be with this tasty recipe from Eating Well. Using whole wheat flour helps boost your fiber intake and non-fat buttermilk will cut the fat content. Topping this warm treat with fresh berries will help keep your heart healthy and give you a hearty helping of antioxidants. Dust off that waffle iron and get the batter ready because you'll probably be making this breakfast favorite on a daily basis after you try this recipe.


  1. We love waffles, and we eat them more often for supper than breakfast! I have some waffle recipes to post, too, that WERE breakfast food. Beautiful pictures!

  2. oh my gosh! Those waffles look delicous! I need to eat breakfast more often! Welcome to the foodie blog roll!

  3. I'm a breakfast for dinner kinda gal myself, Abby! And Shelly, see what you're missing when you skip breakfast?!