Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Top 10 Most Dangerous Foods

Ever wonder which foods could be hazardous to your life? Well, Time Magazine recently did some research and compiled a list of the top ten most dangerous foods. Bet you never thought eating a hot dog could be so risky...

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Into Spring

With the arrival of spring comes a plethora of fresh fruits and vegetables. Utilize this season's best produce by delving into delicious recipes that bring out the flavor of fresh asparagus, strawberries and crisp seasonal greens. Spring into the season with these mouthwatering recipes courtesy of the Los Angeles Times test kitchen. Enjoy!

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Spring Desserts

Add some zing to your spring sweets repertoire with these exclusive Easter recipes from Martha Stewart. Yum!

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Have a Sweet Weekend!

For the recipe for these decadent mini molten chocolate cakes with mocha sauce and more, go to

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Cadbury Easter Eggs

It’s spring time and you know what that means—Easter! Along with pastels and white bunnies come fabulous Easter treats. Among my favorite spring time goodies are Cadbury eggs. These chocolaty eggs are made up of smooth milk chocolate and filled with either crème or sweet, gooey caramel (the caramel variety being my personal favorite!). These UK imports are only available during the Easter season making them all the more special. Cadbury eggs are among England’s top three bestselling candies and thanks to Hershey Foods Corporation, every spring we here in the US are enchanted with the delectable eatable egg shells every spring. We all know it’s the equinox and Easter is near once the Cadbury Easter bunny and the famous “Clucking Bunny” commercials begin airing. So as the holiday approaches, fill your baskets with these decadent delights before time runs out!

Learn more about Cadbury and Cadbury eggs!

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Creative Ways to Use Oreos

Nothing says indulgence quite as well as a glass of cold milk and Oreo cookies. These classic black and white treats are quintessential Americana but more importantly absolutely scrumptious! Just when you thought that Oreos were just fine on their own Oreo super fans have taken the tasty cookies and reinvented them. Oreos have been added as the main ingredient to classic recipes such as cheesecake and have been transformed using techniques not usually associated with dessert--deep-fried Oreo cookies, anyone?
Sneak a peak at these 15 recipes using Oreos via Springpad.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Golden Tickets

Who hasn't watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and fantasized about getting their hands on all the sweet items in the heavenly chocolate factory? Well, this fictional delight is coming to life. Nestle-owned Wonka candy is slipping Golden Tickets into bars of its premium line of chocolates aptly named Exceptionals bars. The ten lucky winners of the grand prize along with three of their friends will be invited to take a trip around the world plus $12,500 in spending money. Among other prizes are free airline vouchers, Ticketmaster gift cards, movie certificates and chocolate, of course!

The Exceptionals line of chocolate bars come in three sweet flavors: Scrumdiddlyumptious which is made with toffee pieces, crispy cookies and crunchy peanuts all layered in pure milk chocolate, Chocolate Waterfall is a delectable combination of creamy white chocolate and velvety milk chocolate, and Domed Dark Chocolate is a bar made of rich dark chocolate topped with milk chocolate drops. At $5 a bar, the Exceptionals line is Wonka's exclusive line of chocolate. Get your chocolate fix with a Wonka bar available at Dylan's Candy Bar.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cupcakes, Anyone?

If you are actively drooling over these mini delights like I am then I suggest you try out the recipe for these killer brown sugar, pecan, caramel frosting cupcakes courtesy of Chik n' Pastry. Get bakin'!

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America's Worst Fries

Would you like fries with that order? Well, of course, is that even a question anymore? Our love of french fries is unquestionable and has led to some interesting creations of the French culinary classic like chili cheese and gravy soaked fries. With the undoubted tastiness of these concoctions comes the caloric heftiness. David Zinczenko along with Matt Goulding, authors of Eat This, Not That have put together a list of America's worst french fries (not according to taste, of course, but according to their nutritional index). And the worst possible order of fries? Drum roll, please....
Chili's Texas Cheese Fries with Jalapeño Ranch pack a whopping 1,920 calories, 147 grams of fat and 3,580 milligrams of sodium. Well, we were warned, everything's bigger in Texas...

Want to see the rest of the list and where your favorite fries rank? Read America's Worst French Fries (and What You Should Eat Instead!)

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Pizza Cones!

Move over Chicago deep-dish and NYC pizza and make room for...Portuguese cone rolls? Leave it to the trendy Manhattanites to break-in this new food trend. After seeing the success of the pizza cone in Brazil, Portugal, and Italy, former Lisbon banker, Ingo Pinto decided to bring this venture to the ultimate grounds to test success: New York City. K! Pizzacone in Manhattan had it's grand opening this week and the verdict isn't out yet. How does it work? Well, here's the scoop: the cones are shipped in from a Connecticut bakery and are made to order. You've got your standard toppings to choose from like plain cheese and tomato, some not-so-standard ones like BBQ chicken and chili and even more nontraditional ingredients like scrambled egg and sweet toppings like chocolate and banana flambé make they're way onto the menu. Once you've settled on a topping, your cone is placed in the oven and it's ready to enjoy in five minutes flat.

What's your take? Are pizza cones the new pizza evolution or just a glitzy trend that's destined for failure?

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