Sunday, February 8, 2009

All Caked Out

Because it was my birthday, I got to have my cake and eat it too. One of my favorite friends, Laura, is rumored to be an extraordinary baker yet for the eons I have known her I had never had the pleasure of even getting a whiff of her baked goodies. It all changed last night when I was treated to a Laura-esque creation.

<--He's contemplating sacrificing the six-pack for a bite of chocolaty goodness...

It was a chocolate, caramel and pecan infused cake with rich chocolate frosting layering the top. It was absolutely delectable. So much so that it was successful in tempting two boys on a restricted diet to ditch the low-carb regime and delve into the chocolaty delight. The ooey-gooey caramel and the crunchy pecans were a splendid surprise sandwiched between the moist and fluffy chocolate cake.

Scrumptious birthday cake -->

As I sit here and devour this luscious slice of leftover cake (all in the name of research and inspiration, of course...) I am loathing the idea of having to exercise a little extra next week to burn off these extra units of energy. But I must say, these were among the tastiest calories I've ever acquired. Thank you, Laura for a splendid birthday cake and for an extra hour (or two) of cardio!

<-- All gone! He caved in.


  1. Happy Late B-day Rania!

  2. Thanks, Nina! It was an awesome (and delicious) birthday =)