Thursday, February 5, 2009

Homemade Nutella

You know you want it! Rich homemade, yes, homemade chocolate-hazelnut spread smeared on a warm bun and topped with delicious bananas and chopped hazelnuts. Snag this recipe for homemade Nutella from Vegan Visitor. Pull a Ferrero and make this yummy spread that has captured the taste buds of everyone around the globe. Thank you Nutella for being so darn good!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Vegan Visitor


  1. Darling, your Nutella marathon from today
    posts drives me NUTS. I'm out of Nutella, but I
    added to my grocery list for tomorrow morning.
    Looks DELICIOUS !!! Compliments!

  2. Thanks, Nina! I, myself, am all Nutella-ed out!

  3. Welcome to foodie blog roll-great blog. you have some great posts.