Monday, February 2, 2009

See’s Candies

See’s Candies were a chocolate staple at my house as a kid. They were delightful to eat and every confection was filled with a surprise. I never knew what flavor I would encounter upon my first bite. My most favorite were the marshmallow filled milk chocolates. Naturally, at the time, I didn’t appreciate the complexity of chocolate varieties so there were many See’s Candies that were half eaten, in their wrapper, in the box. If I didn’t like a filling, I would put it back in the box and move on to the next. Yes, I am guilty of bite and run. Nonetheless, See’s Candies conjure up pleasant, chocolaty memories.

See’s has put together a line up of Valentine’s Day assortments that are sure to be satisfying to a chocolate craving. Here are a few of my faves!

Red Satin Heart
This romantic box is filled with See’s delights including lemon and raspberry truffles.

Tuxedo Heart

For that special guy! This handsome box has all the assortments that See’s is best known for like nuts and chews as well as my personal faves, soft centers.

Pink Ribbon Heart

This is the ultimate assortment if you love, love, love chocolate! Packed with a variety including milk, dark and white chocolates plus truffles, this set is sure to put a smile on the face of any chocolate lover.

Valentine Candy Collection

This trio of hearts is perfect. You get a bag of milk and dark chocolate hearts and cinnamon jellies coated in a hard candy shell. Sweet!

Large Gold Fancy

Get this big box of assorted, classic See’s chocolates for that very, very special someone. They’ll be nibbling on these for days!

Photo Credit
: Courtesy of See’s Candies, Flickr

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