Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Man v. Food

I’ve got a crush and his name is Adam Richman! Whether he’s chowing down on a 4 pound burger or feasting on a colossal doughnut, this dude epitomizes the concept of pigging out. On his show, Man v. Food which airs on the Travel Channel Wednesday nights, Adam tours the country state by state looking for the ultimate gluttonous havens. This boy from Brooklyn has trekked through some of the country's most famous food spots where they serve-up calorie dense guilty pleasures. Adam has introduced us to The Yeti (which he’s getting ready to tackle in the photo above), served up in Memphis’s Big Foot Lodge. The Yeti is a dessert made up of 18 scoops of vanilla ice cream, chocolate and strawberry sauce, whipped cream topped with cereals like Fruit Loops and Rice Krispies. After touring the town’s bender centrals, he takes on the local food challenge. Adam has taken on a 72 ounce steak (yeah, that’s right, 72oz.) in Amarillo, chicken wings doused in “atomic” sauce made from the world’s hottest chili pepper in Pittsberg, and the supreme Dagwood in Cleveland. If you can’t tell by now, this man can eat! Tonight Adam goes to his home state of New York to brave the spiciest curry. Goooo Man!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Travel Channel


  1. lol....that does look good! The serving size is a tad large, but I would of loved to seen him eat this (or the "atomic sauce" chicken wings).
    I bet he was not capable of feeling too amorous afterwards.

  2. Dude, this guy is a monster when it comes to chowing! He'll definitely eat anything you put in front of him--very entertaining

  3. your not the only one with a crush lol.
    he's so cute, and i love the show

  4. Dude this show ROCKS!!! Im a big guy and I love food!!! I wanna try some of the food challenges adam has done some day..I'm 245Lbs and I can eat!!! Alot!!! One time I ate 5Lbs of tater tot cassarole!!!! I like to call myself Senior Two Bellies!!!