Friday, March 26, 2010

Cadbury Easter Eggs

It’s spring time and you know what that means—Easter! Along with pastels and white bunnies come fabulous Easter treats. Among my favorite spring time goodies are Cadbury eggs. These chocolaty eggs are made up of smooth milk chocolate and filled with either crème or sweet, gooey caramel (the caramel variety being my personal favorite!). These UK imports are only available during the Easter season making them all the more special. Cadbury eggs are among England’s top three bestselling candies and thanks to Hershey Foods Corporation, every spring we here in the US are enchanted with the delectable eatable egg shells every spring. We all know it’s the equinox and Easter is near once the Cadbury Easter bunny and the famous “Clucking Bunny” commercials begin airing. So as the holiday approaches, fill your baskets with these decadent delights before time runs out!

Learn more about Cadbury and Cadbury eggs!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Candy Warehouse

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