Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Golden Tickets

Who hasn't watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and fantasized about getting their hands on all the sweet items in the heavenly chocolate factory? Well, this fictional delight is coming to life. Nestle-owned Wonka candy is slipping Golden Tickets into bars of its premium line of chocolates aptly named Exceptionals bars. The ten lucky winners of the grand prize along with three of their friends will be invited to take a trip around the world plus $12,500 in spending money. Among other prizes are free airline vouchers, Ticketmaster gift cards, movie certificates and chocolate, of course!

The Exceptionals line of chocolate bars come in three sweet flavors: Scrumdiddlyumptious which is made with toffee pieces, crispy cookies and crunchy peanuts all layered in pure milk chocolate, Chocolate Waterfall is a delectable combination of creamy white chocolate and velvety milk chocolate, and Domed Dark Chocolate is a bar made of rich dark chocolate topped with milk chocolate drops. At $5 a bar, the Exceptionals line is Wonka's exclusive line of chocolate. Get your chocolate fix with a Wonka bar available at Dylan's Candy Bar.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar

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