Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pizza Cones!

Move over Chicago deep-dish and NYC pizza and make room for...Portuguese cone rolls? Leave it to the trendy Manhattanites to break-in this new food trend. After seeing the success of the pizza cone in Brazil, Portugal, and Italy, former Lisbon banker, Ingo Pinto decided to bring this venture to the ultimate grounds to test success: New York City. K! Pizzacone in Manhattan had it's grand opening this week and the verdict isn't out yet. How does it work? Well, here's the scoop: the cones are shipped in from a Connecticut bakery and are made to order. You've got your standard toppings to choose from like plain cheese and tomato, some not-so-standard ones like BBQ chicken and chili and even more nontraditional ingredients like scrambled egg and sweet toppings like chocolate and banana flambé make they're way onto the menu. Once you've settled on a topping, your cone is placed in the oven and it's ready to enjoy in five minutes flat.

What's your take? Are pizza cones the new pizza evolution or just a glitzy trend that's destined for failure?

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Gothamist


  1. Hi Rania, You mentioned that K! Pizzacone have a success business here in Brazil. I live in São Paulo and I don't know where found it. I just know one place to go: <a href="http://www.tutticone.com.br>tutti cone</a>, Where is K!?

  2. Hello! Thank you for reading my blog! Well, K! is actually located in NY only at the moment however the concept of the pizza cone has been successful in Brazil before making the trip over to the USA. I have done a little research and found a couple places that sell pizza cones around Brazil. The places that seem to have the highest ratings are Cone Pizza (http://www.conepizza.com.br/) and Konopizza (http://www.konopizza.com/). I hope that helps!

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