Friday, May 22, 2009

Bloomsberry & Co. Chocolates

Last month while I was on the hunt for chocolaty Easter treats for my pals, I came across Bloomsberry & Co. Chocolates. What made me focus in on these chocolates was the eye catching packaging. With amusing names for their chocolates such as, “Emergence Chocolate” and “Bochox” Bloomsberry is making its mark in the chocolate realm. This designer chocolate bar company hails from down under in New Zealand. After receiving loads of emails from customers all over the world raving about their chocolates, the folks at Bloomsberry expanded their reach and became accessible by opening up shop in Australia, Europe, and the U.S.A. Their clever casing and witty phrases help their tasty chocolates fly off the shelves. Bloomsberry & Co. Chocolates are a novelty item that surely make for an interesting alternative to the ordinary chocolate bar.

When I bought some of the chocolates for friends and family I snagged a milk chocolate bar for myself to try. I found the chocolate to be quite creamy and better than I initially thought it would be. I have not tried the dark chocolate variety but considering I was pleased with the milk chocolate I think the dark chocolate will be worth a try.


  1. mmm, chocolate sounds perfect as i wolf down my first cup of coffee before heading out to babysit. margaritas were involved last night. i am beat.

    thanks for the comments on my blog! you food looks scrumptious, too =)

    have a happy weekend!

  2. Hello Rania,

    This is a new Chocolate Brand to me, never heard about them before.
    every thing with chocolate tastes better with double the pleasure..
    thanks for sharing.

    June Challenge was posted at the Walima blog and the Forum.
    Happy cooking

  3. Thank you for the great response. I am really please that you like what we do. As our chocolate is made in Switzerland we feel very confident about it. That is why we have the freedom to have so much fun with the wrapper!