Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ah, yes, spring has arrived and the sweet smell of seasonal fruits is in the air. One of my favorite spring crops is the wonderful apricot. This fuzzy fruit is not only delicious but great for your health too. It is chock-full of beta-carotene and the super antioxidant Vitamin A that help protect the eyes and heart and repair tissue damaged by free radicals. Apricots originated in China but were brought to Europe from Armenia hence the oh so appropriate scientific name, Prunus armenaica. The top producer of apricots in the world is Turkey. In California is where most of our apricots are grown since it’s here in the sunny state that apricots thrive. Because the west coast climate mimics Mediterranean weather it is a perfect fit for the apricot tree. Apricots are fresh in the spring and summer but are available year round thanks to jarred apricots and the drying method. Dried apricots make their way into delicious dishes throughout the year and are used more than the fresh version in most recipes.

Speaking of delicious dishes, here is a tasty recipe for savory Armenian apricot soup courtesy of 101 Cookbooks. Give it a go!

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